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We are super excited to offer some articles and free education to our patients and friends.  Feel free to download/print and share.
More educational form and helpful information can be found on our forms page.  

Attention Medicare Part B participants: along with an ENT health check, you get a hearing test every year and additional ones for concerns.  Proper amplification prevents dementia.    

Special announcement 09/08/2023 !

We are now credentialed with Blue Cross Blue Shield

all plans except Blue Select, check your plan at                                     

We are now credentialed with VA Community Care aka VA Champ.  

We are excited to offer our vets and their families the care they need in a local clinic.


Dr. Clark brings 17 years of experience to thoughtfully help you with all of your ENT needs.


Dr. Burke carefully evaluates your hearing and how it impacts your life to find the best solution for your individual needs.


Dr Clark offers time and thought to your complete care.  He may be very honest with you about lifestyle choices.  There is no magic pill.

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Feed your body with oxygen's healing power.  Use our exercise equipment to boost your cells into hyperdrive.

Balloon Sinuplasty and Eustachian Dialation

Does Florida have you not breathing well?  Get a more permanent relief after failed attempts with flonase, antibiotics, and antihistamines.  

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Do you hate your CPAP?  Everyone does! This implant replaces all the tubes with a little remote.

Hearing Aids

Dr. Burke offers great options and a listening ear.  Our prices are comparable, but our services are extensive, all while you receive true personal care and service.

If you are unsatisfied with sound quality of a hearing aid, our most advanced hearing technology besides surgery is EARLENS.  Enjoy the sounds of music and nature with greater depth.


We offer both skin and blood testing in office.  We offer sublingual  drops which can be done at home. and at a reasonable price. 

 Please call to Schedule your appointment , our staff can get you in this week, most likely

Taking care of your health

We accept Medicare and have reasonable cash rates.  We can submit all other insurances as out of network

Don't run away because of self pay.  You may actually save money.

Testimonials: what do others think?

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