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About Us


New Practice, Old Feel
         What if you meant something to your doctor?

We are a relaxed, but thorough kind of practice.  We love people and we love seeing them better.  Our goal is for you to feel at home in our office, much like you would on our lovely beaches.  We have taken a step back from the current state of healthcare to get back to the roots of medicine.  At this practice, we want to build a solid relationship with our patients, not treat them as numbers or wallets. We do not accept many insurances. Originally we planned on only being cash but found some are harder to opt out as they are to accept.  So we started with medicare and have applied a few other places.  One said they had enough doctors and their clients didn't need us.  But we still spend more time than average with all patients.  This gives us a sense of freedom; a sense that we have held back the destroyers of our system.  We want to provide honest fees for honest work.  We hope you will join us on our journey to better Healthcare.  When you come to Island ENT you will be heard, we will address all your complaints and you see Dr. Clark more than 5 minutes, more like 30 minutes or even more.  You could also get allergy testing or a CAT scan if needed.  Do you have a fishy looking spot somewhere on your head?  We can send in a same day biopsy.  Struggling with inflammation?  You might be interested in our Mediated Release Test of over 170 food items.  We have same day hearing tests too (except on Thursday) and you will have a physician analysis the same day.

Providing you with the best doctors for the best care


Heather has a passion people.  She loves to see you get the care you deserve.  It is her goal to make sure you get as much information as possible and that you don't leave the office with questions.  She will ask you question and offer handouts with information you can take home.  She also is the webmaster and you can find our educational sheets under forms.  She hopes you feel as if we really cared about you while under our care.

Shelby Burke, Au.D.

We are so happy for Dr. Burke and her family.  They have welcomed in a tiny little girl.  She will not be returning to our office.  She may continue to work closer to home but she will also be taking on the role of mom.  She and the baby are healthy.  We will continue to see all of our patients here at Island ENT.  You will love Dr. Berg.

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