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Dr. Michael Jonathan Clark

Dr. Clark has surgical skills that encompass much of the head and neck, and really enjoys a challenge. Dr. Clark loves cochlear implants and their ability to replace the function of the inner ear by directly stimulating the auditory nerve.  There is just something special about watching the face of someone hear for the first time in a long time.  He also preforms ossicular chain reconstruction, which repairs the tiny bones in the middle ear.  It's pretty amazing, really.  He removes thyroids and parotid glands that have gone awry, or tonsils that won't stop getting infected. Dr. Clark offers balloon sinuplasty in office (or in the OR if needed) that is comfortable and heals within a few weeks, giving people a whole new way to breath easy.  He also offers in office insertion of ear tubes, which he places with ease.  Most importantly, Dr. Clark will explain any procedure he performs in detail and makes the patient feel confident and comfortable.  He will also guide you through medical and lifestyle changes that may reduce your need for surgery.  He really wants to find the best solutions for you and your family.

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From the Sarasota Scene: Doctors and Dentists of Distinction 2019

M. Jonathan Clark, M.D.

As an experienced ear, nose and throat surgeon, Dr. M. Jonathan Clark of Fyzical Health understands the value his patients receive from vetted advancements in medical science and technology. These include leading edge hearing devices and options for in-office sinus procedures with minimal down time. “I’m always looking for what is available in the hearing restoration world,” Dr. Clark said. “Totally implantable hearing devices are available, but for now, partially implantable devices work better and are less expensive. Earlens is a nonsurgical option I like because if a patient isn’t satisfied, the device can be easily removed during the 30 day trial period and has a money back guarantee under Florida statues.” Dr. Clark performs cochlear implants and launched a successful implant program at Guthrie Clinic in Pennsylvania. He also does surgeries to repair chronic ear disease, ear bones and eardrums. 

Dr. Clark, who is board certified in otolaryngology, helps patients with general ENT issues such as hoarseness and vocal cord paralysis. He recently joined Fyzical Health and likes its approach to preventive health for patients by providing physical therapy on site. “Hearing and balance go hand in hand,” Dr. Clark said. “I think it is genius to put physical therapy right in house since it can lead to better quality of life.” Because patients may have a number of treatment options to consider, he allows ample time to address any concerns and wants them to leave feeling their questions have been answered. 

Dr. Clark earned his medical degree at the University of Louisville and completed a residency in otolaryngology at the Geisinger Health System. He also attended Alliance Theological Seminary for a year in preparation for medical mission work, which he has done for many years in the Dominican Republic. Working with a school for the deaf, Dr. Clark helps provide children with hearing devices. He and his wife recently founded a nonprofit, Hearing for the Heart, to aid deaf children in the Dominican Republic and other areas in the Caribbean. Dr. Clark’s initial hopes are to establish a speech therapy program to aid children in developing normal speech patterns and eventually to offer cochlear implants.


Life and Family

Dr. Clark works as an expert witness in ENT matters.  He works alongside lawyers to give a truthful evaluation of medical records and client needs.  If you need these services click on the link below.

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