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Facelift journeys

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Meet some of our clients and see how their progress has come along.  We are so happy to introduce those who that have decided to make those small changes that have filled them with more confidence.

Our Story

It's okay. All of us feel a little self-conscious about ourselves.  Many of us turn a certain age and we begin to see lines and droops and our parents in our face.  Some of us have scars and blemishes.  These are necessarily life-threatening situations and maybe we feel like someone who actually has true medical issues should get all the attention.  But the truth is that it's ok to make changes to ourselves too.  I have never liked my chin line, even when I was thinner and younger I felt fat.  Maybe you thought the same thing I did, "I wish I was as fat as I was when I was a teenager and thought I was fat but now my teenage self would be appalled."  So we change and grow up and still feel that desire to be the most beautiful we can.  I will be the first in line to try out these new technologies.  Watch my journey and make one of your own.  

Here are some of our side by side results with Emface

Before and After's of Real People

Yes these are example of company success stories, but each individual got real results with the quality care you will recieve in our office.  Good care from the inside out here at Island ENT.

If you are using your phone double click on the big photo and it will make it viewable.

Meet The People (disclaimer I"m still working on this page, some of these are stock photos.) (also link on stories to see real photos, i'll use the good angles here)

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