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Are you having difficulty hearing your favorite music? Are you hearing your family and friends? Do you say "what?" several times a day? Are you unsatisfied with the sound quality of your hearing aids?

             may be for you!

What is an EARLENS?

Earlens  directly vibrates the eardrum instead of relying on speakers to amplify sound. Only Earlens uses a tiny lens placed directly on your eardrum.  The ear tip transmits high fidelity audio signals directly to the lens, gently vibrating your eardrum across the full frequency range.  The result? Rich, natural sound.


We are in the news!

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Dr. Clark and Dr. Berg have teamed together to bring you this amazing product.  Dr. Berg is an expert at understanding your hearing needs.  She will fit you with the best possible hearing device within your budget.  Dr. Clark is an ear specialist and surgeon.  He will do a deep ear mold impression and place the Earlens carefully and painlessly on your ear drum.  They work together to make sure you have the best on-going care.  Earlens comes with a three-year service plan of visits and ear care.  You will be amazed at the sound difference you will experience.  Come in today for a real-life comparison of Earlens to your current hearing aid or one of our in-house samples.

Three amazing testimonies, click through and listen to Genie,
Bill and Dave tell about how Earlens changed their lives.

 Genie kept turning up the TV and still could not understand it.
Beach Party

Live life with the freedom of sound.

Don't miss out on the world around you.  Being able to hear keeps your mind sharper and your relationships strong.  

Playing Guitar
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