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We gladly accept Medicare and its supplements

Please check your cards.  Medicare Part B is the original Medicare only.  Many people also have supplementary plans that are automatically considered in network.  These we can take as full payment.  If you have an advantage plan we honor the Medicare rate but are not in network and, depending on your plan, you may have a co pay and or deductible.  Most PPO plans have some coverage, but HMOs have no coverage out of network.  Again, you will need to check your co-pays and deductibles.  We can submit electronically as a courtesy and they will ultimately tell us what portion they will pay.  We can also discuss cash payment options, which may save you money if you have high deductibles.

We are not in network with Duel Access and Medicaid, Medicare Duel access clients will be asked to pay 20% of Medicare and Medicaid will need to pay cash.

We are now in network with Blue Cross (not select plans), Aetna (not CVS plan), Freedom Health,  and VA community care.

HMO and EPO plans need AUTHORIZATIONS  to be seen, referrals ok for everything else.  We do not require referrals to be seen if you have a PPO or are paying cash.  Also to get VA coverage, a VA referral is necessary and we will call you when we receive the referral. Freedom health referral is adequate for coverage.

Unfortunately, we are unable to process Aetna hearing aid benefits.  We will help with paperwork and faxing if you get a reimbursement from your insurance. 


Island ENT and Wellness accepts Credit Card and cash payments.    We offer cash payers bundled visits, examinations, and diagnostics to reduce paperwork and confusing charges.  We want everything to transparent and easy to compare.  We are working with our partners, such as imaging and same day surgery centers, to give you their cash price. You may elect to use your insurance to pay those centers, as they take most insurance plans.  If you come in for a visit and need a procedure, you will be given the cost before proceeding.  We have a variety of procedures that can be done in office, such as balloon sinus surgery, turbinate reductions, Clarifix,  ear tubes and biopsies.  We also have a cone CT scanner which allows us to get same day sinus scans and offers 10% the radiation of traditional CT scanners.  We also see dental implant patients who need placement verification.

We gladly give each patient a superbill to submit to the insurance or co-op plan, Medicaid does not accept superbills for reimbursement.   Learn more about superbills here. 

We gladly work with healthcare sharing or co-op plans.  If you do not have a plan, here are some links to try:  This webpage has a list of different providers and some descriptions of each.  At this time, we do not have recommendations or preferences on plans.  

Why is cash the better option?  Can I save money?

Family at a Beach

We understand it seems counter intuitive.  Each month we spend so much on premiums and our employers or taxes pay their portion.  We have grown dependent on using insurance to pay for our medical bills.  On the flip side, doctors have to hire more and more people to handle the claims, many of which get rejected.  It gets harder each year for doctors to run a functioning practice. Island ENT is stepping out in faith and in hopes of a better life.  We want to give you better care, and allow ourselves to fulfill the dream of working a concurrent missionary practice. We are freeing up our resources so we can spend more time with patients individually.  We are a small office with a big family heart.  We hope you feel loved and cared for within our walls.  We believe that if patients realized how good it could be without insurance, they could receive a higher standard of care by paying cash to a really good doctor.  Too often we are seen by whomever our insurance tell us to see and many doctors don't want the hassle of running a business, so they sign up to work at the big hospital and get a salary.  Most of the time no one is really happy.  We want a choice and we want you to have a choice. 

Together we can be freer and healthier.


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