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Heather Joy Clark

If you call the office you are likely to talk to Heather, the manager, front desk, nurse, cleaning lady and the doctor's wife.  We run a very small clinic but as we grow hopefully we will find loving, dedicated staff to serve you.  On busier days you may see our son helping out.  Honestly he'd rather be doing yard work for people but he gets drafted.  Heather graduated in 1999 from Liberty University with her Bachelor's of Science of Nursing.  She used those skills full time until child #3 joined the family and Dr. Clark started residency.  She has temporary come back to work but she still has 2 kids in homeschool and 2 in college.  She couldn't be more proud of them.  Heather also loves gardening and all the beautiful things that grow in Florida.  She wishes she could grow tomatoes like back in PA.  She also loves sunsets and collecting shells.  She also like to collect pets; we have 7 pet birds, 2 fish tanks, 3 cats and 2 hermit crabs.

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How we met

Probably no one will every really read our website but maybe you are wondering more about who we are.  Jonathan and Heather met in 2000 at Alliance Theological Seminary.  Both were studying for international ministry.  Although our dreams have not come fully, we have begun a home in the town of Hato Mayor in the Dominican Republic.  We were 22 and 24.  Heather was a registered nurse and Jonathan was to begin medical school in the fall of 2001.  It felt like it was a perfect match.  We both finished one year of seminary and then began our marriage.  We married in Boalsburg PA and then moved to Louisville KY, where Jonathan started medical school.  Meanwhile Heather worked for Baptist Hospital East.  During those 4 years of school, we have our first two sons, our third son announced his life only 3 days after they moved to PA to start residence at Geisinger Hospital in Danville.  Our four child, a little girl came only two years later.  In case you are wondering yes our oldest was 5 when Daphnie came along.  We have some very busy years!  All the while through thick or thin we made our faith and church family a priority.  We have never regretted it.  Today our children love God and live lives of respect and faith.  We have spent many year disciplining them and homeschooling them.  They are all very bright and have had no issues with outshining the critics.  Their father is brilliant and I would expect no less from them.  I'm pretty sure they can out math me.  I kinda forget how to do calculus.  You might just be luck enough to met one of these fine teenagers on a visit but usually they are busy with school.

A little YouTube fun

A little glimpse into our family channels.  You love our talking parakeet.

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